Why is water feature an indispensable part in garden?

Why is water feature an indispensable part in garden?

 Some sculptures can be seen in squares, parks, gardens and other places as decorations. Water fountains are a common kind, which are generally made of stone carvings. Marble water feature can be made into various shapes to attract more tourists to play and relax, which brings people different feelings.


Granite water feature can bring people visual impact, and will make the delicacy of the whole park colorful because of the fountains. Water features let us feel a different artistic atmosphere, which shows that water fountains play an important role in the garden environment.


Marble water features are works of art in the whole garden environment. There are corresponding natural landscape or landscape architectural factors, historical and cultural factors, folk custom factors, crowd and traffic flow factors, as well as five elements of sound, light, temperature and other factors, all of which can constitute the overall environmental factors of the garden, so stone carvings fountain plays an important role in forming the overall factors of the garden.


Natural stone water feature is an important carrier of culture and art in garden space. It beautifies and decorates the garden environment, forms a visual focus, and forms a unique visual effect with the environmental space and architectural space of the garden.

Written by Michelle

Post time: Jul-07-2022

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