Why villas, upscale hotels, VIP rooms… Love natural marble?

Natural marble environmental protection and easy to take care of, stone itself with a sense of luxury. Natural marble contains the plain composed feeling that stone material shares already, have the exquisite and changeful grain that other stone material place does not have again at the same time, and rich color.

Mention natural marble, inevitable ground can associate marble ceramic tile, natural marble and ceramic tile which suit a home to install more, it is the problem that a lot of people confuse all the time.

Want to correct a bit above all here, all marble ceramic tile still has another name, call ceramic tile of copy stone material, all marble ceramic tile is imitating natural marble, so what superior what inferior, it is self-evident.

Natural marble unique texture, has been loved. There are two main reasons.

 1. Marble is a natural environment-friendly stone material, which has been developed as a building decoration material. It is a medium hardness stone material with good strength and longer service life than ceramic tile.

2. The marble material is fine but not high in hardness, which is conducive to processing and cutting. According to different people’s preferences, it can be cut into a variety of beautiful patterns.

Natural marble is widely used in villa living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, upscale hotel, VIP room is for a reason.

Natural decorate should have certain savour and quality ability to be good, natural marble is natural gift, have cannot duplicate and rare characteristic, use a piece less a piece, man-made thing is too much now too much, still be close to nature is better.

Decorate with natural marble not only exterior good-looking, durable, and can provide oxygen indirectly for the room.

In addition, the marble texture is soft and beautiful and solemn, elegant style, is the ideal material for the decoration of luxury buildings.

Post time: Sep-06-2019