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  • Natural stone bathtub – Magic Stone

    Natural stone bathtub – Magic Stone

    Bathtub is a kind of interest and enjoyment of home life. There are many kinds of materials, but I really recommend natural stone material. Its color forms naturally, which is the natural beauty. It has a long life-service, can maintain hundreds of years without any erosion.        The natural st...
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  • Animal landscape decor

    Animal landscape decor

    The lion is the king of all animals, which gives people a sense of domineering. It symbolizes an auspicious, rich and sacred spirit. It can dissolve a variety of evil spirits. It is a very good mascot. The stone lion has the meaning of elimination evil. Therefore, we often see that it is placed a...
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  • Giraffe, deer and swan sculptures in the animal theme park

    Giraffe, deer and swan sculptures in the animal theme park

    In recent years, a kind of animal theme park has gradually appeared in the city. Mostly stone sculptures are also placed in this type of theme park. It is mainly the animal modeling, shaping the environment of an animal theme park.    In animal theme parks, stone carvings of giraffes are very com...
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  • Do you see stone animal statue in the garden?

    Do you see stone animal statue in the garden?

    Animals are part of our world. Animal sculpture works are highly decorative and practical. It pays attention to the animal shape portrayal, and adds color to the statue. The combination of sculpture and painting complements each other, so that the work has the same aesthetic feeling and appreciat...
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  • Solar stone lantern for garden landscape

    Solar stone lantern for garden landscape

    Stone lantern is an important part of park landscape design. It can improve the overall effect of the park and give full play to the lighting design to add luster to the park landscape.                        Stone lantern not only meets functional lighting, but also has artistic beauty. It will ...
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  • Stone candle holder with lovely animal – Magic Stone

    Stone candle holder with lovely animal – Magic Stone

    Stone candle are widely used for home, coffee house, tea room, restaurant, even the party, wedding, etc. They can fully set off the beauty of candlelight, and create a sense of warm, cozy,  harmonious, peaceful atmosphere in different occasions and environments.                           Just ima...
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  • 2*20FCL Basalt Products and Rock Animal Statues will be shipped to the USA

    Basalt Pillar is always the top selling item in the USA market. Yesterday, 159pcs basalt pillar, lantern and birdbath were loading into container successfully. Except for the basalt products, there are 332pcs rock stone animala statues shipping together with them. Here are loading photos.      &n...
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  • Japanese stone lantern for garden decor

    Japanese stone lantern for garden decor

    Stone lanterns are often used as decorations in gardens and courtyards, and stone lanterns are also a kind of plastic arts. The early prototype was the lamp that was lit when China offered Buddha. This form was introduced into Japan through Korea at that time. With the introduction of Buddhism in...
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  • Stepping stone – Magic Stone

    Stepping stone – Magic Stone

    Stepping stone is a kind of stone which used at lawns, forests, banks or courtyards. It can be arranged by natural large and small stones. It has a relaxed, lively, natural style and strong rhythm, so it is easy to coordinate with the natural environment. The material of stepping stone should be ...
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  • Stone animal statue – Magic Stone

    Stone animal statue – Magic Stone

    Garden animal sculptures usually appear in the squares of garden, flower beds and boulevards. They can also be dotted on hillsides, grasslands, swimming pools or water in natural gardens. Placing animal statues in different designs will make the garden more attractive. It can refresh ordinary sce...
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  • Customer Feedback for Amazing Stone Lantern – Xiamen Magic Stone

    Now it is the season of gold. Which means it's the time of Autumn. Recently, we got the inquiry for Stone Lantern from our loyal customer. He bought two containers Granite Lanterns from us several years ago. Here are several awesome photos shared by him. Please see the following photos.          ...
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  • Natural Stone Sculpture

    Natural Stone Sculpture

     Stone carving refers to creating a visual and touching artistic image with a certain space by using various kinds of carved and engraved stones to reflect social life and express the artist's aesthetic feelings, emotions and ideals. #humansculpture                                                ...
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