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what is the purpose of a buddha statue

Buddha statues can increase the fortunes of the family and exorcise evil spirits.


can buddha statue be kept at home

Of course, but generally speaking, the bedroom is not suitable for placing Buddha statues as the Buddha statue has a strong aura, it will disturb people's rest. So it's best not to place Buddha statues in the bedroom. Buddha statues should be placed in the living room.


how to decorate buddha statue at home

In fact, many people do not know where and how to place the Buddha statues, so it is easy to cause that the placement of Buddha statues is not suitable for Feng Shui at home. Below are the proper place that Buddha statue should be put.


a) Buddha statues are placed against the wall

In fact, the Buddha statues are placed against the wall not only because it can make the Buddha statues have a backing, but also because in Feng Shui, the most taboo of the Buddha statues is the emptiness behind them. Such Buddha statues are easy to worry about themselves, so it is difficult to boost family's luck. Therefore, we must pay attention to the placement of Buddha statues. It is best to place them against the wall.


b)Buddha statues are placed towards the light

It is best to place the Buddha statue facing the light source in the living room, because this can make the face of the Buddha statue illuminated by the light source, which is naturally help to increase the aura of the Buddha statue. Moreover, facing the light source can also prevent the shadow of the Buddha from being projected on the ground. Because if the shadow of the Buddha is projected on the ground, it is actually disrespectful to the Buddha.


c)Buddha statues are placed towards the window

The Buddha statue should be placed against the window in the living room to get more light source. Of course, this is one reason. Another reason is that if the Buddha statues are placed facing the window, they can easily get more fresh breath and improve home’s luck.


d)Buddha statues are placed on a high place

Because the Buddha itself is higher than people to a level and people ask for Buddha statues, the Buddha should not be placed too low which is disrespectful to them. It is best to place the Buddha in a relatively high place. Look at the Buddha to look up to see them. This will naturally be beneficial to the Buddha and the home fortune.


e)Buddha statue are placed at the entrance

In fact, in addition to facing the window, there is another good place. That is the entrance. The Buddha statue itself has a strong aura. If it faces the door, it can resist the air flow and dispel the evil spirit outside the door. Such it is naturally beneficial to the home.

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