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Now it is the season of gold. Which means it's the time of Autumn. Recently, we got the inquiry for Stone Lantern from our loyal customer. He bought two containers Granite Lanterns from us several years ago. Here are several awesome photos shared by him. Please see the following photos. 

Granite Lantern - Magic Stone (1)                       Granite Lantern - Magic Stone (2)                       Granite Lantern - Magic Stone (3)

In the past,  Stone Lantern is used in Japanese courtyards not only used for lighting, but also meant decoration and good things. In Japanese, Stone Lantems have the word "clean fire", meaning that fire can purify everything. When people keep the kindling, they feel the most magical purification charm of fire. In the past, people were unwilling to let the sacred flame go out, so they covered it with stone lanterns. It indicates bright and beautiful hope, and will bring us a new life of good luck and happiness. Sounds really beautiful. 

1113-015-200-1 - Magic Stone

Most of the style for our Granite Lantern is Japanese style. They are exquisitely decorated in the courtyard. The natural stone lantern in the nature, which can best reflect the perfect integration of people and the environment. Xiamen Magic Stone is specialized in varaious natural stone lanterns. Like these amazing classical designs we are doing in these years. 

2108-090-200 2110-090-2002113-120-200 2101-150-200 2102-120-200 2105-090-200

BTW, if you have your customized one you want for. Then Xiamen Magic Stone also can help you make it. Please visit our website: to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products. We are always here to be reached 24/7 periods. 

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Written By Alice Wang  

Post time: Oct-26-2022

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