Decorate Your Backyard with Flowers and Road Tiles

In the backyard decoration,to keep backyard beautiful and tidy,people usually use stone road bricks to pave the way.But it looks like a bit monotonous if only using slate to pave. So,let nature fit in the slate which means the flowering grass in the stone road,make backyards be full of life.

Add score to the backyard
Whether it is a concrete floor or a simple stone road, at first glance, the feeling is only bare, blunt.It an be called a road, but there is no beauty. In the stone floor of the stone road, planting flowers and plants, invisibly forming a mini garden on the ground, the perfect transition between the ground and the garden.
Stabilize stone road
If the stone road is laid in the courtyard in the later stage, after a long period of stepping and rain, some of it will sway.But if flowers planted in the brick wall of the stone road, the adjacent forces will be adjacent to each other through the flowers and plants, which stabilize between stone slabs.
Increase design
Regardless of the square, round, irregular shape of the stone road bricks, flowers and plants planted in the brick joints, play a role in the partition between adjacent bricks, deepen the layering of the ground, make the shape of the bricks stronger.



——Shawn Zhu

Post time: Jul-08-2019