How Much Do You Know About Culture Stone?

I guess the first thing come to your mind, When you hear about culture stone, is What Is It? Is something represented civilization? Or something else? All right, I confess that is my thought when I saw the word. Kekekeke.

Actually, it could be Beautiful walls, awful designs, antique style……

Pictures go ahead.
stone wall decoration 1wall decor stone panel 2
Culture Stone is a high-style wall decoration materials, and Cultured Stone comes from the natural culture stone extension. Cultured Stone also called Artificial Culture Stone or cast stone, it is cast into any desired mold from stone aggregate, cement, and oxide pigments.
Usually, there is two shape of culture stone, “S” and rectangle. Like this two, (the “S” is a little bit fat)

stone panel 3stone cladding 4
All the panel, it’s all hand made, here is the production process of us.

wall cladding stone panel for sale 5

wall cladding stone panel 6
Applause for our factory colleagues!

Post time: May-31-2019