Massage Stones, Start the Journey to Better Your Body

What do you usually do for your daily regimen? Eight glasses of water every day? Eating healthy foods? Or doing exercises like jogging and working out? But have you ever thought of doing a hot stone massage?








Hot stone massage is, when a hot stone, especially after heating, is placed in the skin or the meridian of the human body. The energy of the earth in the stone acts on the body parts and the whole system then enters the body through the reflection point by transmission, which helps regulate your muscles and joints. 

There are three stones used for the massage, himalayan salt, basalt and marble. Each of them has their own advantages for doing a hot stone massage. For example, your body can absorb 84 minerals from himalayan salt massage stones.










There are various benefits to do a hot stone massage. It can help detox. Plant essential oil can effectively soften and decompose adipose tissue so that to accelerate the whole body metabolism then eliminate the toxicant. Also, a shoulder and neck massage can help reduce shoulder and neck fatigue to help release pressure of people in the city. Beyond those, it can help the skin becomes smoother and more beautiful.

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Written by Jane Chi

Post time: Mar-09-2022

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