Natural stone Buddha statue

Ancient Chinese stone Buddha statues can influence people's ideas, and this is the magic power of stone Buddha statues. Stone Buddha statues is for people to worship. Therefore, the construction of ancient stone Buddha statues requires marble or granite stones, which are durable, resistant to weathering, corrosion and long preservation time.


One of the methods for Buddhists to practice Buddhism is to observe Buddha. Viewing Buddha is not only to look at stone Buddha statues, but also to meditate. By imagining the sublimity of Buddha, we can shorten the distance with Buddha. Viewing Buddha helps to purify our soul. After the material life is guaranteed, people will turn to a higher spiritual pursuit and promote the development of Chinese culture, art and religious belief.


Buddha statues should be placed on a high place. Because the Buddha itself is higher than people to a level and people ask for Buddha statues, the Buddha should not be placed too low which is disrespectful to them. It is best to place the Buddha in a relatively high place. Look at the Buddha to look up to see them. This will naturally be beneficial to the Buddha and the home fortune.#Buddhastatue #Buddha #granitebuddha #marblebuddha #stonebuddha


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Post time: Jan-12-2023

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