Solar stone lantern for garden landscape

Stone lantern is an important part of park landscape design. It can improve the overall effect of the park and give full play to the lighting design to add luster to the park landscape.


Stone lantern not only meets functional lighting, but also has artistic beauty. It will create a suitable atmosphere for the park and enhance the artistic appeal of the park. Being in it will bring people a novel feeling.


If the garden landscape is a beautiful face, then the light is undoubtedly that pair of bright eyes. When the night comes slowly, the light is not the reproduction of the daytime scene, but the secondary shaping of the night space form of the landscape. The landscape light not only has good lighting function, but also has high ornamental. Its unique artistic creativity creates a higher artistic conception of the landscape, brightens people's eyes, and becomes a "Star" in the night sky. #solarlantern #stonelantern #stonelight


 We supply all kinds of stone lanterns with different styles and designs. All stone lanterns we made are made of real natural stone - granite, basalt and boulder. More videos please visit our YouTube by searching Magic Stone Garden. Our contact

Written by Michelle

Post time: Nov-19-2022

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