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Last night, we received the thanks mail from one of our Germany customer. Who is mainly importing the Granite Birdbath from Magic Stone each year. The loyal customer said the new products look good. And everything is as they imagined. Frankly speaking, I am deeply touched when I saw it. Thus today I would like to write the product Natural Stone Birdbath that Magic Stone is specialized in these years.

For anyone who is looking for BIRDBATH knows what kind of goods is that. It is one of products that served for birds, our nature friend.  Magic Stone can offer various style natural stone birdbaths. Here I wanna share some photos for your guys. Any birdbaths that you are interested can hit me up.

230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (1)         230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (3)       230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (4)

230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (6)      230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (7)        230320 Granite Birdbaths - Magic Stone (8)

From the photos that you can see, the natural stone birdbaths can be made by different colors granite. Such as Grey & Black. And shape can be round, leaf, oval, etc. Even with carving on the stone.

We Magic Stone has exported the natural stone birdbath for moren than 20 years. Basing on the rich experience of stone birdbath, the one with pedestal is the first top selling on in these years. Customers would purchase them like 500pcs each time. With size around 35*35*35cm, 45*45*45cm & 55*55*55cm. Large size can be made basing on your requirements.

This time the customer also said packaging for the goods is very good. You can see the packaging photos of that batch birdbaths. Germany ustomer has high standard for the products and pakcaging. It's also a relif for us when hear good news from our customers.

230915 Final Packaging of the goods (2)         230915 Final Packaging of the goods (2)            230915 Final Packaging of the goods (3)

We have worked with this customer for more than 7 seven years. It is them let me know the importance for the stone birdbaths. The sentence that I want to say is that the things that we human beings are willing to give to the earth that we live and it will finally benefit us. Do you agree with it?

Except for the Granite birdbath, we also can provide other natural stone birdbath. Such as basalt & cobble stone. Please seeing the photos as follows:

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Post time: Nov-21-2023

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