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How water fountain works

The fountain is supplied with water by a water pump to obtain movement energy. A fountain is a combination that sprays water or other liquids through a nozzle under a certain pressure and has a specific shape. The water pump is generally used to provide water pressure.


Which water fountain is good for home

If you want to make your business more prosperous, the water feature with a fortune ball will be the best choice. The fortune ball also known as “fengshui’’ ball in Chinese. As the fortune ball fountain can rotate with the water circulation, which implies that running water can bring wealth and ward off evil spirits. So the design of this fountain can be said a treasure that can regulate “Fengshui”, so that can make your business more boom.


If you want to make your family more stable and happy, the love couple water fountain is the best one. The couple hugged each other, there is a crystal ball in there middle, which is their love crystal, indicating that the love between husband and wife is stronger than the gold.


Where to install water fountain, water fountain for garden

Water fountain is very suitable for garden décor, it will be the highlight in your whole garden. Enjoy the soothing water will make your body more relaxed and your mind tranquil.


Where to buy water fountain

Whatever you like European style or modern style, we Magic Stone can meet your demands. Our water features are all made of natural stone – grante, basalt and boulder, 500+ designs for you to choose and will update every year. Welcome to contact us info@magicstonesculpture.com.

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Post time: May-19-2022

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