105tons Pebble Stones are exported to Canada- Magic Stone

On Monday, 105tons pebble stones were loaded into the container in the factory sucessfully. This container pebble stones will ship from Nanjing Port firstly.  And these pebble stones  will still be shipped to Canada for construction.  Here are several loading photos for your review in advance.

TWCU2046770 5-8cm  Black Pebble Stones (1)     TWCU2070884 5-8CM Black Pebble Stones (1)        TWCU2089452 - 2-3CM Black Pebble Stones(3)

From the picture you can see, these pebble stones are packed by ton bag directlyCause these Pebble Stones will be used for paving directly. If customer want to sell them in local market to private customer, then we would suggest pack them by UV protected plastic bag (20kgs/bag) + ton bag + fumigation-free plywood pallet

 UV protected plastic bag (20kgs) - Magic Stone (1)                  Pebble stones packed in PVC bags                  240108 Black Pebble Stones (1)              240108 Black Pebble Stones (4)             240108 Black Pebble Stones (5)

Of course, except for black colors. There are various colors pebble stones are available now. Such as white, yellow,stripped red and mixed color.  With honed one & high polished one. No matter what kinds of pebble stones that you are looking for, Magic Stone can meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to choose Magic Stone as one of your pebble stones supplier if you are interested in them or you are looking for pebble stones now.

Various Pebble Stone from Magic S tone

If you want to know more information about the pebble stones. Please visit our website: www.magicstonegarden.com to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products. We are always here to be reached 24/7 periods.

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Written By Alice Wang

Post time: Jan-19-2024

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