Look! Top luxury stone from all over the world!

What kind of stone can be called luxury stone:

Luxury stone is different from commonly used granite and marble. It mainly refers to natural quartz stone or semi-precious stone. Crystal and agate and other special stones with special colors and textures, such as: sapphire, Amazon green, iron red, forest snow, white belly and so on.
water moire marble1 water moire marble2
Whole body water moire marble wall and ground

These top luxury stones usually have these characteristics:
1. Extremely scarce: Many mines are rare and produce limited quantities every year. The materials of special stone are mostly quartz stone and semi-precious stones and even gemstones. Some gemstones are the main raw materials of the jewelry industry, and the materials are extremely rare and precious.
2. Uniqueness: It is not easy to find the same type of product to be replaced
3. Rich color texture: the color of the featured stone is rich and colorful, the rules and irregularities of the texture are so eclectic
4. High gloss: Luxury stone is usually very hard quartz stone, the surface gloss is high, some are natural jade or crystal, the light transmission effect is remarkable
5. High processing difficulty: The hardness of the featured stone is mostly above 7, and some are 8–9 close to the hardness of the diamond 10. The cutting difficulty is 3-4 times that of ordinary stone.
6. Excellent artistic expression: the board has a strong artistic expression and can be used as an art collection.

The main producing areas of luxury stone are concentrated in Brazil, western Africa and Italy:
Sea ice blue block 3
(Sea ice blue block)
Shuiyun Yarn Marble Mine 4
(Shuiyun Yarn Marble Mine)
Let’s take a look at these extremely luxurious stone categories:
Marble series
Fish belly white-marble:
Description: Produced from the CARRARA mining area in Italy, white, white belly is similar to the color of the fish belly, color and gloss is good, the feeling after laying has the moisturizing and elegant atmosphere of jade, also the white often used in our interior design. Luxury marble.

Legend of the Star River – Marble:
https://www.magicstonegarden.com/products/stone-sink-bathtub/marble Board 7 marble Board8
(Marble Board)
Description: The black background, the golden yellow and the white texture interspersed to make the texture of the whole board complicated. The golden color of the pieces is like a small star gathering together, such as the vast galaxy.

As a beautiful and durable decoration material, natural stone is widely used in public and home improvement projects. However, the public’s understanding of natural stone may not be accurate, deep, and may even have some misunderstandings. Next, you will learn about natural stone in the form of a common question and answer.

Why do “heavyweight” buildings like natural stone?

Whether in ancient or modern, domestic or foreign, natural stone has always been the darling of architects. Whether it is an ancient palace or a modern star-rated hotel or an international building, whether it is a domestic high-rise building or a temple in a foreign country, there is a large area of natural stone. So what is the charm of natural stone?

The unique characteristics of unique, unique texture and rich colors are the killers of natural stone conquering designers. In order to express high-quality design effects, more and more designers at home and abroad choose natural stone as the design material. Especially the decoration design, using natural stone to match the design can achieve the palace-like grandeur, luxurious atmosphere, elegant style, so the natural stone deep designer loves. Classic cases such as the Abu Dhabi Mosque, which is mainly made up of marble, such as the Atlantis Sailing Hotel in Dubai, and the CCTV building built with marble in China.
Why are natural stone crafts expensive?
First of all, the value of natural stone itself is very precious, and among the many natural stones, the materials that can be used for artistic creation are the top stone materials selected through layers, and their value is superior to ordinary natural stone. Despite this, the preciousness of natural stone crafts is not only because of the value of raw materials, but also because of the exquisite stone crafts and superb professional skills of natural stone crafts. The stone crafts made with advanced stone craftsmanship and professional technology are exquisite and lifelike. With the special meaning given by the designer, it is precious and has great collection and ornamental value.

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