The Most Popular Snow White Pebble Stones from Magic Stone

Recently, we received several inquiries for pebble stones. Except for the main popular pebble stones that we genereally share, today I would like to introduce the another snow white pebble stones. Which is very suitable for landscape decorating.

Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (5)                            Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (6)                    Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (3)

From the photos you can see, this snow white pebble stone look different thant the generall snow white pebble stones. It looks more round with shinning surface. What makes it is different is that pebble stones are polished by machine. Here are some photos of snow white pebble stones with honed surface.

200709 Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (2)                          200709 Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (4)                      200709 Snow White Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (6)

As far as i am cncerned, no mather what kinds of snow white pebble stones. They are both suitable for landacape decorating and garden decoration. Magic Stone can provide the one you are looking for now.

By the way, the price for snow white pebble stone is very cheap. In general, we suggest it's better to pack them by ton sacks directly. Which can help you save cost when importing them.  However, if you have your own customized packaging, Magic Stone also can meet your requirements.

General Packaging of Pebble Stones - Magic Stone (1)

Last but not the least, if you are looking for the pebble stones. Don't hesitate to contact Magic Stone to know more information you want know. Details will be provided timely once we get your inquiry. Wish we can make things happen in future.

Various Pebble Stone from Magic S tone

If you want to know more information about the pebble stones. Please visit our website: to check out more designs and subscribe our youtube channel: magicstonegarden to know more information about our natural stone products. We are always here to be reached 24/7 periods.

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Written By Alice Wang

Post time: Nov-02-2023

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