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Boulder stone and granite stone can be made into an ecological fish tank, did you see them before? The middle of the boulder and granite are hollowed out a round or a oval shape to made into a water basin. The hollow can be polished or honed.

You could put several goldfishes into the bird bath. But do you know that when decorating a goldfish tank, you should not only consider the physiological conditions of goldfish, but also consider the ecological balance of the fish tan. The suitable water plants can make the landscape layout of the fish tank more three-dimensional and more natural.

When placing water plants, it is suggested to plant them from high to low in order to create a sense of level in the fish tank. But water plants and mosses should not be planted too much, otherwise it will affect the amount of oxygen in the water.

Put a few water absorbing rockery stones and crystal clear small stones in the fish tank, and the water looks clear and transparent, which is very beautiful.

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Written by Michelle Yan

Post time: May-12-2022

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