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  • Stone Garden Lights from Magic Stone

    Stone Garden Lights from Magic Stone

    For this stone light , its raw material is taken from natural granite. It is precisely because granite has high hardness, wear resistance, not easy to weathering and beautiful color. Its appearance and color can be maintained for more than 100 years. That’s why it has become the first choice for ...
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  • Himalayan salt lamp, a great addition to your house!

    Have you ever think of decorating your house to make you feel a healthy and natural vibe? If you ask some advice, I would definitely suggest you to try a Himalayan salt lamp.                                   Hi...
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  • Go into the World of Japanese Stone Lantern

    Have you ever heard of Japanese Stone Lantern?  It is a type of lantern that could be used as a decorative sculpture in the garden with a specific style.                       Carefully look at these pictures to feel the style. We will focu...
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  • Paving Stone From Magic Stone

    Paving Stone is widely used for the courtyard, park, garden and square. As it is formed naturally, you can not only feel the nature and return to nature, but also expose the magnificent and open style of the whole building around.                 Having a ...
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  • Brief Introduction of Water Fountain – Magic Stone

    The carrier of fountain is water which means the source of life and implicates the life and growth in nature. Our products ,water fountain is made by imitating the natural water scape with sculptured granite. Water fountain is a water scape for people to view and admire, which will spray beautifu...
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  • Boulder Stone Turtle from Magic Stone

    What comes to your mind to decorate your garden with flowers and grass all around? Why not placing some cute cobble stone turtles?               Each turtle is hand made by a skilled craftsman with a special facial expression, shape or size. No two pieces are t...
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  • Boulder Stone Owl from Magic Stone

    Auguste Rodin once said: The world is not lack of beauty,but lack of eyes to find beauty.In fact,there is beauty everwhere in our life, and so is the stone carving art. As long as you observe carefully, you can always find something. Have you ever heard of the cobble stone owl? If you not, would ...
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  • The top selling granite bird bath from Magic Stone

    What kind of materail bird baths you love most when you think of it? The Resin, the wooden, the plastic or the stone one?  Every one has its uniqueness. But we are strongly suggest that you purchase our natural stone bird bath for your garden. We, Magic Stone, specialized in various natural stone...
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  • The difference between mechanism pebble stones and natural pebbles stones

    Mechanized pebble stone is divided into two types: machine polished or artificially bonded. Machine polishing: the corners of the crushed stone are polished into a rounded and smooth form, which is far less smooth than natural cobblestone, and the SiO2 content of natural pebble stone is also high...
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  • Granite Water Fountain in Stock now – Magic Stone

    Granite and water are important elements in any garden, whether traditional or with an oriental theme, no garden is complete without the sound of water gently cascading over stone. It is very relaxing and our unique granite water features are stylish additions to any garden. As this product is cr...
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  • Jan 8th, 2022 boulder basalt fountain column

    Basalt Boulder Column Water Featur: The soothing sounds of flowing water in an outdoor water fountain can help bring stress relief and relaxation to your home environment.                                    ...
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  • Jan 6th 2022 boulder stone owl

    Jan 6th 2022 boulder stone owl

    Owls are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Owls are also known to symbolize intuition, change, and time. The owl, as a spirit animal, is known to help people make difficult or important decisions.                           In Feng ...
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